Green technology represents what might be the best opportunity for real changes in the way people live and interact with their surrounding environment. For far too long, building a home has meant causing a serious disruption to the environment, producing extra runoff and impacting natural habitats that are pushed increasingly toward the edge of communities. Eco-friendly homes give that process a way to reverse itself, minimizing their impact on the surrounding environment and promoting development that works with nature, rather than against it.


The High Cost of Low Impact: Is It Worthwhile?
The most common problem that prevents people from building sustainable homes is that sheer cost that must be paid in order to invest in green energy sources and eco-friendly building materials. This up-front cost is considerable, and it’s certainly a legitimate consideration for new homebuyers and those who are building a new, sustainable home. It’s worth noting, though, that this investment pays off in a big way.

Including solar panels on the roof of a home, for instance, allows that home to be nearly energy independent. In fact, particularly sunny months can find homeowners selling electricity back into the grid at a profit, offsetting their installation costs while not costing them a dime to heat and cool their home. Water conservation can reduce utility bills for long showers, sustainable building materials create a home that is less prone to allergens and more likely to be built to last.

An Investment that Pays Off for Everyone
Sustainable homes demand a premium in today’s marketplace as buyers look to detach themselves from high oil and energy costs, increasing water costs, and a whole host of other expenses. Green is also trendy, and can boost the resale value of any new or retrofitted home.

With investments that pay off in terms of environmental benefits, minimal impact to the natural world surrounding a new or existing home, and the peace of mind that comes from long-term sustainability, it just makes sense for buyers to do right by the environment, and to do right by their conscience, with a sustainable home that lasts for generations.