Modern Straw Bale Housing

The idea of a straw bale home is one that conjures up some very old fashioned images for people across England, many of whom immediately think of thatched roofing products and the kind of residences that dotted the countryside during a much earlier period in this country’s history. That view itself is actually quite a bit outdated, as straw bale housing is now one of the hottest trends in sustainable development. Best of all, it doesn’t even look like the home is made out of straw.


Evolution Takes Center Stage in New Straw Bale Housing Developments
Straw was once the leading product for home building throughout England, Scotland, Wales, and much of Ireland. It was widely available, cheap, and durable, and it was perhaps the earliest form of sustainable building. With greater wealth and more advanced technologies, though, came houses with aluminum siding and vinyl products. Brick and stone became more prominent, and straw homes disappeared.

That is all about to change. The latest trend in sustainable development is straw bale housing that looks exactly like the brick, stone, and stucco homes of the past 50 years. These homes use straw as a binding agent, bringing together natural materials and compounds that are far more durable than in the past. As an added bonus, homes made of straw products are better insulated from the outside and more likely to withstand the elements.

No Artificial Products Means Straw Buildings are Good for the Environment
There is no plastic, no vinyl, and no other inclusion of synthetics in straw housing. This all-natural approach to building is really catching on due to its natural underpinnings. While it might cost a bit more than traditional building efforts, most homeowners find that the greater degree of insulation and reliability more than make up for the added cost. When paired with green energy sources and other conservation efforts, these homes can eventually end up paying for themselves as homeowners do away with high utility costs and live a more energy independent lifestyle.

There are plenty of alternatives to straw housing, of course, but it remains a hot trend in the UK and in other parts of the world where straw is easily grown and easily harvested. Those considering this option should get started with implementing it in their new home right away.