Roundup: The Best Eco-Homes Around the World

For those considering building an all-new home that adheres to eco-friendly sensibilities, it’s worth noting that there are some great role models to look to during this process. From arches to traditional homes and more, here’s a look at how the best green homes get the job done.


1. The Eco Arch
In what might be the most innovative design and implementation, a home in Kent, England, is built using an arched system. The home’s windows face south, enjoying day-long sunlight that keeps interior spaces lit, warm, and overall more sustainable than traditional homes. The roof is covered in granite and rich soil, allowing it to grow flowers and other plants that both insulate the interior of the home and minimize the home’s impact on the natural world.

2. LivingHomes RK1
For those homeowners who like to aspire to something that seems nearly impossible, Santa Monica may have the answer. The California city is home to LivingHomes RK1, one of the only homes in the entire world to receive a platinum certification from the LEED organization. The home uses no net water, no net electricity, and produces no emissions, waste, or carbon. It’s essentially invisible in terms of its impact on the world, and that’s an incredibly high standard for new homes to meet. It is, of course, worth aspiring to such grandeur.

Two Great Homes with Different Philosophies
The LivingHomes RK1 proves that urban living can be done without running the natural world. The Eco Arch, meanwhile, proves that living outside the cities can be graceful, natural, and full of abundant green energy. Both homes are proof that there is a real market for green innovations at home.