The Two-Wheel Craze

2738The move towards a more friendly stance for the environment is shifting nearly every aspect of daily living all across the globe. From the sustainable systems that we install in our houses to the solar panels that are being placed on rooftops, efficiency is taking the lead. When it comes to getting behind the wheel, four wheels are hitting the curb for two. Electric, two-wheel vehicles are leading sales fors internal-combustion engine in the Asia Pacific. Asian nations, including China and India, are making the move towards electric, two-wheel vehicles in a huge way when compared to all other nations around the world. Motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles are gaining massive amounts of popularity with every passing year. It is not just the fuel efficiency that has people clamoring, however. Vehicles of this kind also make travel faster and simpler in areas that are renown for heavily congested traffic.

Transport that Every Budget Can Handle

Two-wheeled vehicles are also much easier on people’s budgets up front. The vast majority of people living in the above nations cannot afford a car in most cases. Bicycles and scooters in more people’s cost ranges while also offering lower costs of operation over time. There is very little limitation when it comes to transport ability of these vehicles. Scooters, motorcycles, and bikes are being designed specifically to accommodate cargo in addition to the individual operating the bike. Many models can also easily accommodate more than one person, making them a suitable option for people with families as well.

More Than a Local Craze


Rapid urbanization in these countries is also thought to be responsible for the spread of these vehicles. There has also been the rise of e-scooters, e-bikes, and e-cycles. These economic choices lower the cost of ownership even more, virtually eliminating the costs that comes with repairs. Locals and visitors are realizing the potential of electric scooters, using them for their unique abilities both in work and at play. In fact, the very first local Scooter tours in these countries are growing at a rapid pace. Exploring regions that stretch from Vietnam to Hoi An are adding to the rich experiences available to all people in this part of the world.